Friday, 19 May 2017

Admission to Sri Gurusarvabhauma Vidyapeetha

Above pamplet says about all the facilities provided by sri sri subhudendra teertha swamiji to the joinees of Sri GuruSarvabhuama Vidyapeetha, Mantralaya

1. At the time of joining, Rs. 38k will be deposited in joinee's name and will be given to him with the interest after completion of the education
2. Rs 1 lakh will be given at the time of Sri Sudha mangala
3. Rs 50000 will be given at the time of  Chandrika mangala
4. Along with vaidhik education, help will be provided to educate on laukik education
5.  4 yrs of education from scholars on paurohitya will be provided
6. 1 yr of education on archakatva from scholars
7. After successful completion of this education, jobs will be guranteed for all the scholars in Srimatha. For all the scholars of last historical sudhamangala, jobs are given with a renumeration of 11K per month
For all the trimatasta brahmins, who wants to join and learn veda, paurohitya, sudha shastra adhyayana, Srimath provides free stay, meals in the holy place of Mantralaya for 12 yrs. Once they are poineers in it, they will be sent to respective exams.
Age limit is candidate should be in between 7-14 yrs of age.
All brahmins are requested to utilize this golden opportunity provided by srimath ans get the blessings of Srigalu and Rayaru.
Please forward it to your relatives and friends
For more details you can contact below address before 1st June
Sri Gurusarvabhauma Sanskrita Vidyapeetha, Mantralaya.
Ph: 08512-279496

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